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Hymexazol 98%TC

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  • Brand   China
  • Formulation   Hymexazol 98%Tech;36%SL
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Chemical Name: Hymexazol
Hymexazol CAS No.: 10004-44-1
Comments of Hymexazol: 98%Tech;36%SL
Structure of Hymexazol:
Intro: Hymexazol
Common Name: Hymexazol

Other Name: hydroxy isoxazole (JMAF); Hymexazol (BSI, ISO)

Chemical Name: 3-hydroxy-5-methylisoxazole; 5-methyl isoxazol-3-ol

Hymexazol Formulation: 36%SL

Molecular formula: C4H5NO2

Molecular weight: 99.15

Specification of Hymexazol: 
Hymexazol Tech:98%
Colorless crystals. Melting point 86-87° C. Vapor pressure 1 x 10-3 mm/Hg (25° C). Readily soluble in most organic solvents.

Hymexazol Toxicity
(Rat): Oral LD50 4678 mg/kg (male); 3909 mg/kg (female). Dermal LD50 >10,000 mg/kg. (Mouse): Oral 2148 mg/kg (male); 1968 mg/kg (female)

Usage of Hymexazol: 
As a soil drench, soil incorporation, or seed pelleting and dressing for damping off caused by Aphanomyces, Corticium, Fusarium, Pythium, etc. Agent to improve root growing and cold resistance of crop seedling.

Tech:25kg/fibre drum
Formulation: 200kg/iron drum or as customer request

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