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ISO approves 3 new pesticide common names: spirobudifen, tiorantraniliprole and trifluenfuronate

The ISO Technical Committee on Common Names for Pesticides has provisionally approved 3 new active ingredient common names: spirobudifen, tiorantraniliprole and trifluenfuronate, according to the Compendium of Pesticide Common Names (CPCN).

Spirobudifen is a tetronic acid acaricide from Zhejiang Udragon Bioscience.


Tiorantraniliprole is a diamide pyridylpyrazole insecticide from Zhejiang Udragon Bioscience. Development code HY366.


Trifluenfuronate is a fluoroalkenyl acaricide and nematicide from Shandong United Pesticide Industry. Development code LH-517, other names sanfoshaxianzhi and Trifluorocide.



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