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Product name: Ethofumesate 97% Tech,CAS:26225-79-6

  • Product description: Ethofumesate 97% Tech,CAS:26225-79-6

    Product name: Ethofumesate

    CAS NO : 26225-79-6

    Selective systemic herbicide

    Specification:  Ethofumesate 97% Tech

                       APPEARANCE WHITE POWDER

                       A.I. CONTENT 97% MIN

                       Loss wet in Drying ≤0.5%

                       Water Insoluble:≤0.1%

    Package: 25kg/fibre drum

    Ethofumesate is a kind of herbicide which uses before sprouting or after sprouting, it can control weeds of many important Graminaceous plants and broad leaf plants, and control weeds of sugar and other beet crops, turf, ryegrass and the other pasture grasses


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