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Product name: Fluroxypyr-meptyl 97%TC, CAS:81406-37-3

  • Product description: Fluroxypyr-meptyl 97%TC, CAS:81406-37-3
    Common name: Fluroxypyr-Meptyl
    Chemical name: 
    1-methylheptyl [(4-amino-3,5-dichloro-6-fluoro-2-pyridinyl)oxy]acetate
    Molecular formula: C15H21Cl2FN2O3
    Structural formula:
    CAS No.: 69377-81-7(acid);81406-37-3(ester)
    Appearance: White powder
    Specification: Fluroxypyr-meptyl 97% W/W TC (ester content) 
    Packing: Cardboard drum with double layer plastic bag as inner liner, 25kg or 50kg net each. Other suitable packing can be adopted according to the requirements of customers 
    Capacity: 1000 MT p.a.
    Appearance: Light yellow homogeneous liquid 
    Specification: Fluroxypyr-meptyl 200 G/L EC (acid content) 
    Packing: Plastic Drums, 200L each. 0.5L -20L fluorinated HDPE bottle. Other suitable packing can be adopted according to the requirements of customers.
    Fluroxypyr-meptyl is a selective systemic post-emergent herbicide which can be absorbed by the leave, stem and root of weeds, and translocated throughout the plant. It is widely used to control annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds in wheat, corn, sugar cane, orchard, etc, and with specially good effect for cleavers, common chickweed, dayflower. Low temperature has no influence to the end field effect, but influences its effect speed.


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