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Shandong Avilive Chemical Co., Ltd. is developed from primary Shandong Shengbang Lunan Pesticide Co., Ltd. founded in 1968. It is state fixed pesticide manufacturer and was wholly owned by Zhejiang Avilive Chemical Co., Ltd. in October, 2011. 

Our company is located in state level Linyi economic and technology development zone, covering 200mu. In recent years, diversified operation structure has been formed through enlargement of production scale and adjustment of product structure. There are chemicals in several series, including, pesticide material and preparation, intermediate and fine chemicals. And it is featured by microcapsule preparation, pesticide fertilizer, and pyridine chlorine. We can provide agrochemicals in over 20 varieties under 5 dosage forms. Annual production capacity is over 30,000 tons, including, 10,000 tons of phoxim materials. It is at leading level in China and our company is drafting unit of state standards.

Main products are phoxim, chlorpyrifos, triazophos, ethyl chloride, sodium trichloropyrindinol, 2-chloropyrid, tetrachloropyridine and etc.