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Product name: Clopyralid 95%TC, CAS:1702-17-6

  • Product description: Clopyralid 95%TC, CAS:1702-17-6

    Clopyralid 95%Tech,96%Tech

    CAS NO.: 1702-17-6

    Chemical Name: 3,6-dichloropyridine-2-carboxylic acid

    Molecular Formula: C6H3Cl2NO2

    Molecular Weight: 192.0

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    Mechanism of action:

    It is the synthetic plant growth hormone (similar to the role of indole acetic acid). It is a kind of selective inhaled herbicides, and it is absorbed by leaves and roots, delivered upward or downward to the base, and accumulated in the meristem. As a hormone, it acts on the cell elongation and respiration.


    It is used after emergence forcontrolling and killing off annual and perennial broadleaf weedsin fields of polygonaceae, compositae, leguminosae, umbelliferae, sugar beet,feed beet, rape, corn, grain, brassica, onion, leek, strawberry and flax. Thedose of the lawn and non-crop fields is 300-560g (a.i)/hm. It has a good effectof controlling the field thistle, wild bitter herbs, coltsfoot, small whitechrysanthemum and polygonum weeds. The gramineae, cruciferous and polygonaceaeplants have a good resistance to the clopyralid.

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