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Product name: Fipronil 95%TC

  • Product description: Fipronil 95%TC, CAS:120068-37-3

    Fipronil 96% Tech; 95%Tech

    CAS No.: 120068-37-3

    White powder (96%TC)
    Brown granule (80%WDG)
    Oyster white liquid (5%SC 25g/l SC 20%SC)
    Molecular Formua: C12H4Cl2F6N4OS
    Molecular Weight: 437.1478
    Solubility: water insoluble
    Toxicity: Rat, LD50, oral Males: 18 mg/kg; 
    females: 15 mg/kg Rat, LD50, dermal > 2000 mg/kg

    1. Fipronil is used for controlling of multiple species of thrips on a broad range of crops by foliar, soil or seed treatment.
    2. Control of corn rootworm, wireworms and termites by soil treatment in maize. 
    3. Control of boll weevil and plant bugs on cotton, diamond back moth on crucifers
    4. Foliar application rates range from 10-80 g/ha; soil treatment rates 100-200 g/ha

    Applied plant:
    Coprs: maize, cotton, rice, Alfalfa, Cereals, Peas
    Cash Corops: Peanut, Sugarbeet, Sugarcane, Tea, Tobacco, Turf, Coffee, Oilseed rape
    Fruits: Banana, Crucifers, Watermelon, Mango, Grapes, Dates
    Vegetables: potatoses, Chili, Citrus, Pepper, Leek, Mushrooms, eggplant

    Packaging & Delivery
    Pack: 25kg/drum (97%TC 80%WDG),1L/bottle, 5L/bottle, 10L/bottle, 200L/drum(5%SC 25g/l SC) Or according to the requirement of customer
    Delivery: Normally 7-15 days from contract date


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