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Product name: Pyriproxyfen 98%TC

  • Product description: Pyriproxyfen 98%TC, CAS: 95737-68-1

    Common Name: Pyriproxyfen
    Chemical Name: 4-phenoxyphenyl(RS)-2-(2-pyridyloxy) propyl ether
    Molecular formula:C20H19NO3
    Structural formula:  
    Molecular weight: 321.37
    CAS Number: 95737-68-1


    Crystalline solid. Melting point 45-47℃,vapor pressure 0.29mPa(20℃), relative density 1.23. Solubility(20-25℃): hexane 400g/kg, methanol 200g/kg, xylene 500g/kg.


    Acute oral LD50 for rats: >5000㎎/㎏, Acute dermal LD50 for rats: >2000㎎/㎏, Acute inhalation LC50 (4h)for rats: >1300㎎/L, not eye and skin irritant.


    Formulation: 98%TC;10%EC;
    Packaging: 25KG/cardboard drum
    Usage: This product is a kind of phenylate pesticide, is one kind of insect growth regulator for preventing the dictyoptera, mainly uses for preventing and controlling the public health vermins, like the mosquito, musca, dictyoptera, sand flies, flea and so on.


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