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Product name: Malathion 95%TC CAS No.:121-75-5

  • Product description: Malathion 95%TC CAS No.:121-75-5
    Malathion 95%Tech
    CAS No.: 121-75-5
    Other Names: o-dimethylphosphorodithioate
    EINECS No.: 204-497-7
    Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
    Purity: 95%TC,45%EC,70%EC

    Biological Pesticide, Insecticide, Control of Rice planthopper, aphid etc.

    Packing: 250KG drums

    Appearance: Yellow oil liquid
    Melting point: 2.9-3.7℃
    Boiling point: 156-159℃(0.093kPa)
    Density:1.2076 g/cm3
    Molecular weight: 330.358
    vapor pressure: 5.3*10-5kpa(30℃)
    Solubility: 0.0145 g/100 mL
    Storage: Sealed tightly and stored away from light
    Classification: Insecticide


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