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FMC’s chlorantraniliprole granted first-time registration for extended use in China

Chlorantraniliprole is a novel systemic 2-Aminobenzamide insecticide with a wide insecticidal spectrum, being applicable to a variety of crops. It is long lasting, highly active, low toxic and safe for the environment without cross-resistance to mainstream insecticide products. It is also compatible with major insecticides, having attracted the attention of the pesticide market both at home and abroad.

According to ICAMA data, China has currently granted a total of 94 chlorantraniliprole product registrations covering 29 crops/application sites, which are mainly soybean, ginger, Chinese cabbage, small green cabbage seedbed, wood, peach tree, cotton, rice, tobacco, corn, kale, sugar cane, sweet potato, tomato, cauliflower, peanut, apple, apple tree, cane shoot, lychee tree, vegetable soybean, spinach, spinach protected area, watermelon, cowpea, chili, potato, lawn and soil.

Previously, the 2023 third-batch pesticide registration variation notification included the application for the extended use of FMC’s chlorantraniliprole 200 g/L SC for controlling dragon fruit prodenia litura, field mustard beet armyworm and sorghum corn borer, China’s first-time registration of chlorantraniliprole for application on dragon fruit, field mustard and sorghum.

If chlorantraniliprole is finally approved for use on dragon fruit, cabbage and sorghum, the significance would not only extend the scope of use of the active ingredient, but it would also offer more pest control choices for the three crops, as well as create possibilities for other manufacturers to register the product.


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