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Bayer releases its Product Development Report

Bayer is working toward innovative, sustainable solutions that meet agriculture’s challenges and societal expectations. Recently, Bayer released its report on product development.

Bayer’s approach for the development and use of crop protection products

Global agriculture and food systems are facing major challenges while geopolitical instability is another risk factor that undermines food security around the world. In this context, growers continue to fight weeds, pests and diseases that are increasingly resistant to established crop protection products. Yet, the pressure is not only to preserve yields, but to do so while meeting changing societal expectations about sustainable agriculture. Bayer believes we can achieve that by enabling farmers to grow more with fewer, better inputs through innovation in seeds and traits, crop protection, digital farming technology, and new business models.

This report explores how Bayer's development of crop protection products has been changing to support its goal of creating the most efficacious active ingredients that do not pose a risk to human health or an unacceptable risk to the environment when used according to label instructions. This report illustrates how Bayer’s R&D organization is reimagining the discovery and design of crop protection solutions, taking into consideration not only safety and efficacy criteria, but also its crop protection environmental impact reduction commitment, product development costs and registrability. The report also covers the various internal and external processes and regulations that ensure that Bayer's products meet the highest standards for human and environmental safety.

Crop protection products are a topic of interest for Bayer's stakeholders, and this report attempts to answer some of the questions that arise. Bayer strives to meet the expectations for transparency from investors and others and appreciates the opportunity to engage in productive dialogue. Bayer hopes this report can deepen the quality of its engagement and improve mutual understanding.


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