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Product name: Bispyribac-sodium 95%TC, CAS:125401-92-5

  • Product description: Bispyribac-sodium 95%TC, CAS:125401-92-5
    English name:
    CAS No.:
    Molecular formula:
    Molecular weight:
    Molecular structure:
    Melting point:
    Water solubility:
    73.3 g/l at 20℃
    Male rats acute through oral LD504111mg/kg, female>2635mg/kg, rat acute through skin LD50>200mg/kg. No stimulating effect on the skin of rabbits, a slight stimulating effect on rabbit eyes, no teratogenic, mutagenic effect. quail oral LD50>250mg/kg, bluegill LC50>100mg/L (96h), water flea LC50>100mg/L(48h).
    Chemical properties:
    Pure product is a white powder solid, m.p.223~224℃, vapor pressure 5.05×10-9Pa(25℃), when the temperature is 25℃ solubility: carbino l26.3g/L, acetone 0.043g/L, water 73.3g/L, the half-life period in water is 1 year(pH value 7~9), 55℃ hot storage 14d no decomposition, pK a3.05。
    Pyrimidine salicylic acid herbicide,acetyl lactic acid enzyme inhibitors,function through the stop of branched-chain amino acid biosynthesis, application of crop rice. Mainly used for direct seeding rice seedling weeding,effective to barnyardgrass on 1 ~ 7 leaf period 3~6 leaf period prevention effect is better. Has good effect to car forearm shape grass, mans millet, Arab sorghum, purple water Amaranthus, commelina, Melons grass, shaped sedge, broken, mischa grass, large crabgrass, Ying Lin, bacopa, corn grass. This product is stable under most soil and climatic conditions, can be mixed with other pesticides.
    Used to control water paddy and barnyard grass grass weeds and broadleaf weeds can used in seedling, transplanting seedling broadcast field, field and seedling field.
    Bispyribac-sodiumis a high efficient, broad-spectrum, low toxicity of herbicides, mainly used in prevention and controlling of grass weeds of rice fields and barnyard grass and broadleaf weeds, can seedling, direct seeding rice seedlings, shifting field seedlings and seedling field.
    95%TC, 10%sc, 40%sc, 20%wp, 80%wp
    Using method:
    Direct sowing rice field: This product is used in direct seeding rice seedlings to before heading, it is good to apply pesticide on 3-5 leaf period. Use 20% bispyribac-sodium wettable powder 18-24g per mu, add water 25-30 kg, evenly spraying weed stems and leaves.
    Transplanted field or throwing field:
    Shifting field seedlings and seedling field should be 15 days after shifting or seedling, applying pesticideafter seedlings reviving, to avoid medication premature and the seedlings cannot resistant to the pesticide, and chemical injury occurs. Use 20% bispyribac-sodium wettable powder 12-18 g per mu, add water 25-30kg, evenly spraying weed stems and leaves. Drained the water in the field before applying pesticide, make the weeds all exposed, irrigating water 1-2 days after applying the pesticide, keep 3-5 cm water layer for 4-5 days.
    1.This product can only be used for rice field weeding, please do not used for other crops.
    2.Japonica rice varieties sprayed with this product has the phenomenon of yellow leaves, and 4-5 days to revive, does not affect the yield.
    3.Barnyard grass 1-7 leaf stage can medication, barnyard grass is small, low-dose, barnyard grass, with a high dose.
    4.This product can join the silicone additives to improve efficacy.


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